• Will there be any power outages during this construction activity?
    There are no scheduled power interruptions as a result of the planned construction activities.

  • How long will this project take to complete?
    In general, construction activities will pass each abutter location within two to four weeks. This duration is dependent upon the location of other exiting underground utilities in relation to the new cooling line. The project as a whole is anticipated to be completed by early 2012.

  • Will parking be disturbed?
    In order to safely perform the construction activities, crews will need to restrict parking as work progresses along the route. Parking restrictions will be clearly posted and enforced only during permitted working hours. Crew will only take parking spaces needed in order to safely perform activities.

  • How does this project benefit me?
    Residents and businesses of Cambridge will directly benefit from this project. By adding this new infrastructure Cambridge will realize the benefits of additional cooling capacity for the existing underground transmission lines, which will translate into increased electric load capacity to meet the growing power demands within the city.

  • How will I know when construction crews will be working in my area?
    Our Community Relations staff will be distributing construction advisories door-to-door in advance of construction activities. These notifications will inform you of the upcoming scheduled activities as well as the work hours associated with these activities and contact information. In addition, our project website will be updated weekly to alert residents and businesses of upcoming activities.
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